Living room furniture – TV Consoles

TV consoles - the best Living room furniture for your home


In amongst the best Living room furniture for your home, TV Consoles these days would have to rate near the top of the list. In terms of comfort in the living room, couches reign supreme in both providing comfort and giving off a look and feel of being comfortable in that space too. But when it comes to adding design and modern styling into your living room, TV consoles bring that by the bucketload.

It doesn’t seem so long ago that this humble piece of furniture was largely unoticed. They were often usually found flat against the hallway wall or tucked away out of centre sight in the living room corner.

At one time these pieces of furniture often served the purpose of complementing a couch or sofa. It was common to see them with a simple array of shelves of matching style and design and not a lot of anything else to make them standout in any way. The console wall tables and console sofa tables from then have evolved quickly into what we now know as TV consoles. They are fast becoming much more elaborate in both style and function, as now, they are centre stage in the living room with our entertainment.

Living room furniture – TV Consoles

Tv consoles from $50 to $300


As with all modern furniture nowadays, there are many possibilities as consumers like to have choice to help inspire them in the decision making process.  When selecting your new console table you must consider not only the table itself but the room around it and most importantly, how you wish to utilize it best.

While naturally the obvious decisions need to be considered, such as shelves versus cabinets or drawers, or glass versus wood, consumers now have a vast range of different options to choose from. With multimedia becoming so increasingly popular, manufacturers have responded by providing options that perfectly fit those needs and requirements.

These consoles or’tables’ are now being designed fully equipped and constructed to hold various media players such as DVD players, CD players, Tuners, Amps, and even Nintendo, PlayStation and XBOX games and equipment. The convenience of potentially being able to hook all of your equipment up to the television in one easy location is a huge plus.


Tv consoles from $300 to $500


Consoles are lending themselves more and more towards adding modern elegance into your living room space. Overall, many of todays offering are getting bigger or certainly there are many more larger sized choices available. You can’t help but notice these units as soon as you walk into the  room. They convey an energy of their own immediately. Some of the designs you can see coming through from todays manufacturers are nothing short of stunning. It is not surprising that many of us would be happy to have these in our homes as they can completely transform the room in such a positive way.

But with the physical prescence and stylish looks aside, there is another good reason as to why many of these units are growing larger. The storage needs of an average family have grown in recent times too. As well as all of the multimedia equipment, we now also require storage for books, DVDs, CDs, games and gaming equipment amongst other things. Some units have extra shelving dedicated to the media racks and others have doors that swivel open or drawers for you to put the items inside.

Part of the appeal with modern console units is that they can hold all of these things sufficiently as well as providing a way of keeping cabling and clutter out of sight. This helps maintain a clean and clear look and feel in your living room space.


TV consoles from $500 to $1000

To help you make sure you choose the best TV console for your living room, there are a few tips following that you may like to remember. These can help you avoid being stuck with something that you may not like the style of later, or doesn’t fit in with your evolving needs.

There are admittedly a few limitations to these new consoles, as well as things you need to look for in them to make sure they are going to be suitable for you. First of all measure your television. If you have a flat screen, you only need to measure the width of the set to see if it will fit on the table. Are you planning to upgrade to a larger sized model in the future? You will need to allow extra space for it. If the console has a flat top open spaced area, no problem. But some units have cabinets on either side, so it is an importnat consideration. If you have a deeper television set, the depth of the tabletop may also come into play although generally these days this isn’t a problem.

It would also be good to know that the piece you have your eye on can handle the weight of the television you are planning to put on top of them. It would be prudent to check the construction of the legs and surface spaces on the tables to see if they can support the items you are going to put on top of them. Remember, if you are planning to house a bit of equipment inside of them that there will be reasonable temperature variations between when they are turned on or off. This can adversely affect lower quality materials and construction.


Tv consoles from $1000 to $3000


Consider the number of electronics add-ons you are going to want to have near your TV. This will also require you to give a little thought to what you may wish to add into the mix in the future. If you already have a lot of equipment, you will want to make sure you have enough shelving to hold everything. Again, check the construction of the shelves to make sure they are strong enough to hold up to the weight of the components.

You can see a variation in the price you could expect to pay for a console within the examples you can see above. It is worthwhile remembering however that there is no substitute for high quality materials, top notch design or functionality. If you are aiming to buy something that will last a long time, be prepared to pay a little more. Do your homework on what materials have been used during construction of the piece(s).

You might think having higher quality materials is not worth paying the extra expense for, but it could be an important factor in determining the longevity of the unit. Remember, your choice of console still has to combat constant weight upon it, light which can warp the finish or fade colours and also regular heat variations when components are turned on or off. Choosing to pay a little more for quality materials and craftmanship can keep these potential problems in check, so it is worthwhile giving it adequate consideration.







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