Contemporary sofa beds that would look great in your home

Contemporary sofa beds that would look great in your home

For most of us living in today’s modern lifestyle, we realize how important and convenient it is to have things that save us time and provide us with important functions at the same time too. A sofa bed is a perfect example of this. We simply can’t underestimate the importance of having a sleeper sofa at home, ready to be used when needed. It is arguably one of the most versatile pieces of household furniture we could own. The value of a modern sofa bed can really be seen when catering for overnight guests and in its versatility, when after use, it can be packed up and requires only a little space when not being used as a bed. Many of the best contemporary sofa beds tend to be of fairly light but sturdy construction and often don’t take up so much space as their more traditional counterparts used to do.

Coaster Futon Sofa Bed with Removable Arm Rests, Brown Vinyl

This offering from Coaster is a very stylish modern sofa bed. It has convenient removable arm rests and is covered in an attractive brown vinyl. It features kiln dried solid wood frame, soft seating and back cushioning for maximum comfort as well as striking metal legs that add to that modern look. This item could be perfectly suited in a living space where every bit is precious.

coaster contemporary sofa bed


If you are living in a relatively small home, you will more likely value your convertible sofa bed. Many people don’t have the luxury of a separate guest room. So being able to quickly pull out a modern sofa bed to accommodate any guests, friends or family who wish to stay overnight, even in your small space is a real bonus. Typically modern sofa beds can easily be set up and ready to go within five minutes.

Other advantages these sofa designs have besides being time and space savers, is that manufacturers have responded well to their popularity by using a lot better construction techniques and materials and we are seeing a lot more innovation coming through.


Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Set Couch Bed Sleeper Chaise Lounge Furniture Vanilla White

A beautiful example of a modern sofa bed in a vanilla white faux leather. This stylish sofa bed would be a perfect addition to any living room, den, study or office. With its tufted Faux Leather upholstery and classy chrome legs, this chair is modern and contemporary built, primarily having the users comfort in mind, and the Chaise Lounger can be easily set up as either a couch or comfortable sleeper for accommodating guests.

modern sofa bed white faux leather


One thing is for sure, contemporary sofa beds have evolved greatly from what they once were. Even from as little as ten years ago, it’s easy to see how the advances in the design, the construction methods and materials used have all greatly benefitted the finished product. It’s as if the industry as a whole decided all at once to kick things up a notch or two and welcome in some much needed change.

As a result, If you have a good look around, you will see we are getting more and more spoiled for choice. Pretty much it is accepted that the days of the dreaded poor quality, lumpy, uncomfortable sofa beds are over, and thank goodness for that.



Contemporary Style Armless Sofa Bed in Grey Flax Upholstery

With a fantastic look, this armless sofa really stands out. You will love the contemporary style as well as the  functionality this sofa adds to your home. Most comfortable as a sofa or converted easily to a sofa bed for your overnight visitors, this piece is superb as a very comfortable double-size bed. The tufted seat and sleek metal legs add to it’s clean style. Also included are two matching accent pillows.

armless contemporary sofa bed


We can see overall that many more manufacturers today are producing good quality sofa beds compared to what we were used to in the past. The majority of the furniture industry is continuing to take great strides towards addressing consumers basic concerns and problems from the past. There is seemingly a new consumer driven desire for multi-functional, comfortable, quality home furniture and pieces that are able to fit into more common smaller spaces, such as these modern sofa beds. Manufacturers know that if they want to be competitive, they have to deliver good looks, great design and functionality.

Homelegance Convertible Sofa Bed, Black Bi-cast Vinyl

This piece from the Novak Collection effortlessly enables you to embrace both style and functionality. The baseball-stitched lining is a definite stand out on the black bi-cast vinyl surface.  The back can be flattened down and a pop-up trundler can be pulled out from underneath for a great sleep-over party. Other noteworthy features of this piece are the perfectly curved arms with cup holders and a magazine pocket attached on the side.

homelegance modern sofa bed




Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon with Coil Mattress Gray Linen

This Better Homes and Gardens Wood Arm Futon, featuring a thick coil sprung mattress truly is a good bet for any modern living space. Use it during the day as a sofa and convert it at night into a full-size sleeper.  Converting from a sofa to sleeper happens instantly and effortlessly. It features a contemporary design and rich wood finish. It has solid wooden arms and a sturdy metal frame that make it very durable.  The eight-inch thick mattress will surely please, as it is as comfortable as it can get. The mattress feature 522 independently encased coils with quality foam, so you can expect complete support  sitting or lying down on it. The soft twill cover is great as it easily blends with any contemporary decor. Stylish and very functional.  This Better Homes and Gardens sofa bed will prove to be a wonderful addition in your home.

Better homes sofa bed



There has never been a better time for finding the best sofa beds for your space than now. There are many wonderful designs and beautiful choices available, all vying for your attention. You are bound to not only be able to find something that matches your home decor, but you also don’t have to sacrifice anything in comfort in the process.


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