Choosing the best modern coffee tables for your living room

contemporary and modern coffee tables


Choosing the best modern coffee tables for your living room can be a challenging task for some. Today you will find modern coffee tables take many shapes and forms but, generally speaking, a coffee table is considered to be a reasonably small, low level table that could  often be the centerpiece of the common waiting room, lounge, or family room.

Coffee tables are utilitarian, in that they are normally used to store remote-controls for the entertainment suite, books and magazines, and fittingly, are a great place to set down snacks or one’s coffee mug when entertaining guests. However, as the center-piece, contemporary coffee tables are also usually chosen to suit the style and match the existing interior-decoration of one’s home to add to the overall effect of style and design.



Accordingly, it is easy to find a very wide variety of modern coffee tables in different sizes, colors, shapes, fashions, and construction materials. Glass coffee tables are quite popular and if kept free of dust, add a pleasing and totally modern aspect to the room. If combined with a stainless-steel or chromed frame, a glass-top coffee table will help to add to an overall clean, sleek, modern feel in a room.

Art-deco style tables are still readily available too as something of a relic from the 80’s. This is one style that seems to be diminishing slowly in popularity as we now approach the end of the “noughties”. Even still, one can still find lopsided pastel-colored plastic blobs and planes that appear to be stretched straight from some Picasso work, serving as coffee tables. Due to their diminishing popularity and simple construction, they tend to be a bit cheaper these days. It should be noted that it is possible to find more “tasteful” designs built around similar themes.

If you are after a more classical look in your coffee tables then you probably want to be looking at wooden construction. On the cheaper end of the scale you can find new tables made from plastic imitation-wood, or veneer-covered “chipboard” coffee tables, but these can have a somewhat tacky appearance and will tend to be poorer in quality. This can be especially apparent if the furniture is given a hard life, for example when knocked or chipped by exuberant children with toys or even within fairly general usage.



If you are willing to spend reasonably good money, anywhere upwards of US$200 for a standout piece of furniture, then you can find good quality solid wooden coffee tables that can really set a room off. You will find many beautiful examples made with higher quality wooden construction featuring many shapes, sizes and exciting and convenient storage options. The highly stylish looks these can bring into a room can not be underestimated either.


The first Coffee table emerged in  the post WWI era. Back then, the modern coffee table was often a part of, but never a star in the living room. It formed a significant part of the suite of furniture sold at high street shops like Sears or Eaton. It was mostly ignored in terms of living room decoration however, mainly because of the larger personalities of sofas and chairs at the time.

But not any longer. The modern coffee table is back with a vengeance. And this time, its style potential has made it a star in its own right. You will find so many cool coffee tables with amazingly eye catching styles and designs. Many of todays manufacturers are pushing the envelope in an effort to keep at the forefront of a competitive market. Realising that buyers have really warmed to the cool coffee tables that are inspiring a rethink on how we style our living space, they are scrambling to keep up with a hungry market.


Cool Coffee Tables With Awesome Designs


That is good news for buyers. The trick here is takiing your time to go through the many varied options and styles available. Take note of what you like and give some thought as to how individual pieces would fit in with what you already have in your living room. That is particularly relevant if you are purchasing when you already have everything else you need in your room already. If on the other hand, you are starting from scratch, you will need to decide what will be the dominant furniture in the room and go from there.

For example, friends just recently redecorated a good part of their house and for the living room they chose a new TV console and bigscreen TV. They opted for a new sectional sofa with neutral tones to complement these items and then added a modern coffeee table that finished of the look perfectly.


Featured modern coffee table of the week

Poly and Bark Isamu Noguchi Style Black Coffee Table

East meets west style with the Isamu Noguchi style coffee table. Its a triumph of minimalist design that combines natural and man made materials to create a truly stunning effect. With a catalog of work spanning over six decades, Isamu Noguchi drew inspiration from his Japanese father and American mother. As a designer and architect, his work is characterized as being influenced by both eastern and western cultures to create simple yet eye-catching designs. His simple design is considered a work of art, bringing together the themes of industrial and natural with combination of wood and glass. You are able to choose from a variety of colors to suit your existing decor. A perfect example of modernism, our replica is true to the original and casts a striking profile, making it the centerpiece for any entertaining space.


What living room would be complete without the right complement of a modern, contemporary coffee table? There certainly are a few considerations involved when it comes to choosing the right piece, including style, scale, shape, and functionality. One thing is for sure though, it can be a very pleasing and satisfying process finding exactly the right one for you.



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